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The year 2020 was a nightmare for everyone. Though COVID-19 might have affected some more than others, we were all impacted by it, one way or another. As a result, motivation hasn’t exactly been easy to come by at all. It’s easy to stay motivated while things work out well, but what about when things just never seem to turn out right?

We as humans are creatures of habit. We are designed to seek out comfort and familiarity so that we won’t be surprised too much. As humans, we love predictability. However in hindsight, this is not how we grow. You might wake up one day feeling as invincible as Captain America, but wake up feeling as defeated as Thor in his Avengers:Endgame phase. It’s a natural occurrence, but it is at this low point must we find that fire to stand up and move again.

I know that is easier said than done. One’s source of motivation can be hard to come by in the darkest of times. However, the one thing that should not really change, is the constant reminder to yourself about why you are doing what you’re doing in the first place. All things aside, one would have to ask “Has my long-term goals changed?”. If the answer is “No”, then why would your work pace and motivation to achieve those long-term goals change?

I’ve always been told that tough days are just a test for us to see how much we have really grown, and to find out what else one is capable of. It is not until we are pushed into a corner with nowhere else to go, do we see our own potential for success, improvement and growth. I’m a big believer in reflecting this in a team dynamic as well. If a leader does not provide a challenging environment and has a constant negative attitude towards everything, this sentiment tends to trickle down the ranks; unknowingly affecting team members. When a leader is consistently nudging everyone out of the comfort zones to achieve bigger things, this feeling of positivity has a wonderful domino effect on the rest of the team. Feelings and energy are contagious. Motivation (in the right way), is contagious.

I’m aware of how difficult it is for anyone to find that fire in ourselves that drives us forward. Words are easy to speak, but actions are a lot harder to do. Finding that desire and force within oneself to take us that one step closer to our goals, is what moves us forward in life. We can’t turn back time, so why do we make ourselves miserable by staying put?

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