Changing The Stigma Of What It Means To Be A Headhunter


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Headhunters and recruiters get a bad rap in the working world, and honestly it is sometimes warranted. Not to throw shade at other recruiters, but many are out there just to fill positions for the sake of filling them; not caring much about the candidate or the client.

However, I am here to prove that wrong; taking on a position as a headhunter was one of the best career decisions I ever made. As a headhunter specialising in the Tech industry, I get to deal with some of the most awesome developers in the industry on a daily basis, interacting with people who are genuine and are passionate about what they do. I also get to drastically improve their lives, and help them make progressive changes to their professional careers. Seeing developers happy is what has motivated me to push myself harder as a headhunter - the sense of accomplishment that I positively impacted someone else’s life, will never get old for me.

As a person who worked in an industry where one can only learn so much, I definitely empathise with so many people out there. You would work in the industry for a while and find yourself in a rut - not making career progression, and feeling frustrated with what you do. At that point, I knew I desperately needed a change in my career and decided to be a headhunter. I wanted to do something that could change my life as well as others, and give them the opportunity to open doors in their professional lives.

Hence as soon as I joined Revilo Recruitment, the floodgates opened for me. I was learning new skills and dealing with individuals at senior management levels, all while helping change peoples lives. I have so much more space to grow personally and professionally, all while making a positive difference for others. Right now, I still am finding new things to learn and am growing on a daily basis. At Revilo, what sets us apart from other agencies is that we look to build relationships with people first. By building rapport and connections with individuals, we make a difference - one that is bigger than ourselves.

I find that by helping others and proactively trying to make a difference, I have significantly improved my own life too. I feel more confident and accomplished; actively breaking the stigma surrounding the recruitment profession. I honestly could not be more proud to be a headhunter and knowing that I have the power to potentially change someone’s life for the better. I would not change my job for the world.



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