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Headhunting the best developers for some of the most innovative and fastest growing companies around the world. With operations in major cities like London, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and Singapore, our results and track records are some of the best in the industry; making us the top performing agency with almost every company we work with. International organisations come to us to address diversity issues in vacancies, and we have yet to come across a role we are unable to fill.

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Talent is just around the corner.

Hand-select the best

Each developer we hand-select are the best in the industry and are unique to the companies we work with. We make sure we headhunt developers who are passionate about the company’s goals and mission.

Strong relationships

At Revilo, we look to build relationships with every company and candidate we work with. We make sure to treat each developer we work with, with the utmost respect. We aim to deliver quality with quantity.

Excellent results

To date, we have not stopped working with a client or had any relationship breakdown. As a result, almost every client we’ve worked with, now works exclusively with us.

Meet the Team.



Avid surfer, world traveller and enthusiastic animal lover. Secretly wishes he was somehow American.


Talent Headhunter

Proud dad, enthusiastic football player, keen traveller and gym goer. Does well in the cold, melts in the heat.


Talent Headhunter

Football, UFC and F1 fan, big foodie, experimental home cook. Could probably sing the F1 theme tune while having you in a chokehold in his sleep...


Digital Director

Long-time Latin & Ballroom dancer/coach, aspiring home cook and unapologetic animal lover. Queen of dad jokes.


Talent Headhunter

Competing professional show jumper, National Under 25 Champion. Expert horse whisperer.

Koa (a.k.a Ratbag)

Chief Treats Officer

Will nap anywhere, even on your lap. Would probably sell out human pawrents in exchange for treats.

Headhunting the best talent

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