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Despite being in the middle of a global pandemic, many companies are still looking to hire; especially those that rely heavily on the digitisation process of business. As we are no longer able to do many things in person, many businesses are taking their operations online, hence the high demand for tech developers of any kind.

As companies are looking to hire the best talent for themselves, many are also struggling to fill the job vacancy. Why, you may ask? In my opinion, organisations should just streamline their hiring process and not drag the timeline out. If you want to hire the best tech developers the market has to offer, make sure your hiring process is as streamlined as possible.

Every company wants to hire the best talent available and will understandably create a 5-7 stage recruitment process, for fear of hiring the wrong person. By doing so, I suppose one would likely be incredibly confident that the candidate will be the right fit for the organisation. However, I can also be confident enough to say that by having an overly lengthy hiring process will cost you to lose around 60% of the candidates you shortlisted at the beginning.

It might come as (not so much of ) a shocker, but it is true (even from my own experience). The long and drawn out process leads candidates to drop out and lose interest; some will not appreciate the overly rigorous tech tests they are forced to do, some will get amazing offers elsewhere and go for those instead. The best tech developers out there will get offers the fastest, leaving companies with a short turnaround time and less costs incurred.

Some powerhouse companies in countries like Singapore are taking advantage of the lucrative market for developers, hiring the many of the best talent the country has to offer. As more organisations start hiring again and causing the market the change, companies with long and tedious hiring processes will ultimately find themselves being left in the dust; unable to hire candidates to fulfil their operational needs.

At Revilo, the companies we work with that have the highest success rate in filling the job vacancies, have just a 2-stage process and no ‘take home’ tests for developers to complete. As I tell our clients, you will always know when you have interviewed a developer with a quality of your liking, why waste time and potentially lose the candidate to another organisation, when you can be as straightforward as possible?

If you know you are the first to present a candidate with an offer, you are giving yourself the best chance of securing them and fulfilling your company needs with their talent. But by making the process harder, you are more likely to set yourself and your company up for a difficult road ahead. Not only are you having to spend more time on the process itself, the cost of monetary resources used would eventually stack up. What would you rather?




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